Fracking: An Environmental Health Hazard

Fracking is a process that requires harmful chemicals to be injected deep underground into Marcellus and Utica shale formations, the pressure created by this process causes the shale formations to fracture and release natural gas.  The chemicals injected into the ground are in liquid form and commonly called “drilling fluid”, the composition of this fluid is an industry secret.  The process requires the recovery of this drilling fluid, however 15 to 35 percent of this fluid is left behind. This residual fluid leaches into ground water and contaminating the fresh water supply in the surrounding area. The recovered fluid is then treated for disposal by waste-water treatment plants that were not originally designed to handle these chemicals. Proponents of fracking tell the public the benefits of this process and bury the negative aspects. The energy companies reap large profits while paying a fraction of these profits to the landowners and workers. Energy companies have been exploiting fossil fuels to satisfy the exorbitant energy consumption of the American public at the expense of public safety for decades. Misinformation concerning fracking is prevalent in popular media. Ask Exxon and you will get reports that fracking is perfectly safe. Independent studies tell a different story. The thrust of this presentation will show the detrimental effects of fracking on the environment and consequently public health.


5 thoughts on “Fracking: An Environmental Health Hazard

  1. ED,

    Good to see a topic that’s so close to home. Only about a month ago, seismic trucks were rolling up and down my street and testing the ground (read: shaking the entire neighborhood apart). Remember that Fracking causes many problems in addition to water pollution!

  2. You mean problems like Earthquakes and tap water that is combustible? It’s a shame that poor land owners give in to energy companies. If only there were a fund available to these land owners so they could resist the temptation.

  3. There is fracking being done near me I’m just waiting to see this area in the paper for polluted water supplies considering most of the people around here get their water from wells.

  4. One thing that often doesn’t get discussed in the financial aspects of mineral rights is the issue of mortgages. Some mortgages bar a person from selling/leasing mineral rights, and if the land owner does sell or lease rights, the bank can call the mortgage in, meaning that the owner has to pay off the remaining mortgage or risk losing their land.

  5. Big businesses throw their money around and responsible people lose focus on what is important. The truth only seems to come out after a disaster, and that is SCARY! It is important that this information reach those land owners who have not given in to these companies, perhaps they will see the bigger picture and refuse to sell out. Good job, very informative!.

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