Human Anatomy

Due to the move to online classes as of 11 March, 2020 in response to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, I’ll be posting 3D projects here where students can still peruse and comment on their classmates’ work, and share their projects with the rest of the class. As a reminder, below is the summary for the class project for Human Anatomy Lab for biology majors:

In this project, each table or group of 3-5 students will produce a file for a 3D object, the finished product of that object, and a study guide to that object. Examples of 3D items produced by previous students can be seen in Dr. Regula’s office. Important dates to remember for this project are:

-deadline for selecting a structure/region and submitting: End of week 5 (14 February 2020)

-image file due to Dr. Regula: End of week 10 (20 March 2020)

-finished 3D item due to Dr. Regula: End of week 15 (1 May 2020)

-finished study sheet due to Dr. Regula: End of week 15 (1 May 2020)

This project constitutes 10% of your overall grade in lab, and of that 10%, 50% will be based on the accuracy of the item, 25% on the study sheet, 15% on a group peer review, and 10% on a class review taking place during finals week.

Dr. Regula will provide time in class to work on this project periodically, and assistance on technical and creative aspects as needed, in addition to providing materials for any post-processing of the item. Items will remain in the Human Anatomy lab. Rubric and grading sheets will be provided in week 14 of the semester.

I’ll be linking to the individual pages and tagging each of them so as to aggregate these projects separate from the previous years’ projects.

Here are the pages for the items, along with a study sheet to go with the 3D object. Some of these would have had post-processing after the print was finished, so as to add color, additional materials, and so on, but we do what we can this spring semester.

Coronary Vessels Model

Forearm Model

Ventricular Model

Heart Interior Model

Atria and Coronary Vessels Model

Knee Model

Rotator Cuff Model

Shoulder Joint Model

Skull Model

Cervical Vertebrae Model

Heart (exterior) Model