Air Pollution

When I think about air pollution I think of gases and toxic air in our atmosphere. We don’t really hear about it unless it is a big problem that is happening currently. Take a look at the current big air problems in the country Beijing. They are having problems with the big thick smog all through the air, this smog is so bad that the all have to wear a mask when they enter outside because of the toxins in the air. Then in the our country we got this problem with people are buying these new and greatest cars out, and they do not know what they are doing to our ozone layer as they travel. The middle class when they don’t keep up on their car they have more carbon dioxide that escapes their car because of the lack of inspections. Another point about cars I have to make is that the new cars are all so-called “energy efficient” but really there not because when they plug it in to power they don’t realize that the power that is coming from their cars being charged up is the power plants got to burn fossil fuels to keep up with the energy being used such as these cars. Also the people who have to burn their tires because they want them out-of-the-way but really they are adding to the damage to the ozone layer.


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