Spring 2020 Class 3D Projects

It’s been a hot minute since I updated this website. I want to be clear that it’s not because I don’t care or haven’t been teaching lately. On the contrary, I’ve been busy revising and revamping courses and terminology at a few different universities in the interim. Since I last updates this site, I did a year as a visiting assistant professor at Ohio University, four years at University of Akron, and finally found myself in a lecturer position at University of Dayton. I’ve also run for Portage County Auditor, gotten divorced and remarried to an amazing guy, with whom I live in Columbus. He and I worked along with Portage DSA to pass a couple local laws before we left Kent. Here at University of Dayton now, I’ve managed to already start some stuff and I intend to get back to writing over the summer, but it’s been slow what with the commute and all. Anywho, that’s the brief run down and I’ll be saying more as we go, but for now, check out this semester’s class projects!

Human Anatomy