Life on the Edge

In this essay we will be examining the ability of life to withstand some of the most extreme and “inhospitable” locations known to man. In specific we will be discussing many different extremophiles but with an emphasis on halophiles. Halophiles have been involved in several ground breaking experiments and are very fit survivors. Halophiles have even been to space. The resilience of life to survive in places where we cannot comprehend life to live is not only important for discovering life on our own planet but it could hold the possibility of life’s potentiality to live on other places.
Within our own solar system is potential for life on other planets. That is not argument for little green men in space ships, it is argument that life started here, under circumstances familiar to us, but that is not to say that life is incapable of forming under very different circumstances. Io is a moon of Jupiter, a moon covered in ice, beneath the surface is a cauldron of boiling water, and precisely the kind of environment in which life began on Earth. If ever we are to find extraterrestrial life I am sure a halophile will be among them.





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  1. I never thought about how researching extremophiles can help with discovering life on other planets. Maybe making sure you add in the research on other planets’ environments too can help with developing your paper more. Good luck!

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