Impact of Water Pollution in Florida

In this paper, I plan to delve into the impact of water pollution in Florida and the steps being taken to minimize it.  I will be focusing on water quality as it pertains to the resident of the state and policies, laws, or activists seeking to change the current situation. I will be using resources such as the EPA and the Florida Oceanographic Society to track trends in water quality and how they have affected the human population of the area, whether directly or indirectly.  I am going to be looking at man-made as well as natural pollution, such as “nutrient pollution”.  I will also be exploring the routes taken to minimize both water pollution and its effect.  By looking at both past and present legislature I hope to find what measures have been adopted into practice and which ones never got off the ground.  I hope to discover that since the Clean Water Act of 1972, we have improved our efforts to clean up the waterways across the country by focusing on Florida, because it does contain many different water ecosystems.  After searching through decades of public policy, I hope to have found the most successful methods of lessening the impact of water pollution in Florida.


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  1. JL,

    Your topic seems focused, well aimed, and motivated. I propose a section regarding Clean Water policies (or the lack of) besides the all-too-familiar Clean Water Act; hearing about their successes/failures would add depth to your study.

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