Human Population Growth: Will It Ever Stop Hurting Our Environment?

We live in a world today where technology and advanced communication should make counting the number of people in the world today pretty  easy, however on a day-to-day basis an average four to five children are being born a day, while one to two people are dying each day also. Keeping count on these numbers is a hit or miss situation and is almost impossible to recalculate each and every day. The human population is widely dispersed throughout the world, which leads to the environmental impact we have on the globe to be greater than any other species. Population growth is even said to be the reason behind our lack of resource problems. Experts worry that the continued growth of our population at this rate will cause not only our land to become scarce, but also the resources from the environment that we depend on greatly. In the recent century the greatest amount of population growth has occurred in developing nations. On the other side of this increased growth, we see negative impacts such as high poverty levels, low education levels, poor housing, and poor health care. The resources environmentally, and socially are there to supply the population as it is, but the reason we are experiencing a lack of resources is a result of the greed, oppression and the wasting of resources by humans throughout the world. The growth of the population is only half of the problem, the degradation of our environment has a lot to do with how the wealth, and sources of power are distributed through the world. Controlling the growth of our population might alleviate some stress, but the deeper issue is controlling our ecological footprint and the limiting the number of resources we use to only what we need not always what we want.


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