Hominid Evolution

My article that I choose to write about is the cradle of life or scientific theory of how humanity evolved. This is what scientists call Hominid Evolution. My writing will reveal not only the changes in appearance we have experienced since the beginning of human existence but the growth in the areas of intellect and the detailed attributes we have commonly associated with the norm. We tend to look at the ancient dug up fossils and remains of early humans and place our ancestors in a “box”. That “box” which is a hypothetical and bias review tends to force our independent claim of superiority. This may be true in some areas; but from a physical standpoint we have lost and gained numerous features through adaptation. Because early fossils are continuously being excavated we are making great strides in determining who we really are as a species and how we coexisted during the harsh climatic changes. Hominid evolution helps us to understand why we had different features such as long hair at different stages or the fact that we went through a bent over to more upright walk. I also want to touch basis on the religious, science, and folklore aspect to provide a clear understanding of why hominid evolution provides a more clear and direct approach rather a guesstimate of how life made such a strong transition to this point. Because we still exist as far humanity goes; most scientists predict that we are evolving at an alarming rate. This means the biological transformations are still in effect. What we look like now as a species may not be the same in the next 300 years.


3 thoughts on “Hominid Evolution

  1. It’s good to see an article about evolution since a third of Americans don’t believe in evolution. Much of this confusion is driven by religion and politics. I find it disturbing when belief systems like religion and politics stand in the way of scientific discovery,

  2. I’m not sure how you’re defining an “alarming rate” and which traits are taken into consideration there, but we are definitely changing rapidly, especially from a socio-cultural perspective.

  3. I agree with Ed, not to bash on anyone’s religious beliefs, but the fact that a great deal of people dont believe in evolution is alarming. It will be interesting to see the comparison of traits over the years of evolution.

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