Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Food? What is the fear of such a word? People are frightened of these three words appearing on their food, but what is the over all fear of them? It seems the over all thought of fruits or vegetables being grown in labs is messing with the natural order of human life. However, for thousands of years we have been messing with the genetic codes of the animal kingdom. We bred them for wanted traits, such as horses with more speed or fatter cows. Genetically Modified foods are simply an update of technology using genetic codes in pursuing a better life for the plant. The understandable question of messing with nature will cause some kind of illness or cancer seems to run the internet rampant. However, the FDA regulates and tests the new genetic foods, they wouldn’t just release something like that on the market without testing them first. However, I cannot find a single study on these foods without them being not objective to the material. They never do answer the questions of how they react with the environment after they are grown in that? Will they mix with the non-GMO foods? My hypothesis on the subject is that they will and have been benefiting us out weighing the overall negative stigma against them.


2 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Foods

  1. People always focus on the negatives, especially with something new. Good point about the FDA regulating what is being put on the market. This government agency has been put in place for situations such as this and like you said nothing is going to be put out without thorough testing. I honestly want to see how far Genetically modified foods go, and if the benefits outweigh the risks I say keep it going.

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