Animal Camouflage

Camouflage has many different aspects to it, more than most people realize. These can be used either in defensive or offensive situations. I am going to explore the physical aspects of animal camouflage, such as if animals only use certain colors or the most common objects used to blend against. Next I want to look into how the animal fits in, as in if they cover themselves up or if they just stand near something that looks similar. The last thing I am going to look into is what purpose the animal uses the camouflage for. It may be used for hiding from predators or dangerous situations, or it could be used to deceive prey, making it easier to hunt. I believe that animal camouflage is both a very interesting and very intriguing topic. I have always wanted to work with animals so anything new I am able to learn about them is always interesting to me, especially having the ability to blend into ones surroundings. Animals live in very dangerous and ever-changing environments. Darwinism states that life is survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. The amazing evolutionary adaptations and application of camouflage display by various species helps support this theory.


5 thoughts on “Animal Camouflage

  1. In your next to last sentence, I would amend “strong” to “best able to survive” as the most well adapted organisms are not always “strong” in any usual sense of the word (think of worms- they are really good at what they do, but it’s a hard time calling them strong).

  2. Great subject as there are man types of camoflauge including mimcry of other animals. This is a great subject as it has many potential animals to discuss.

  3. Love this topic, very interesting. Some animals in the video I really had to look for. Its amazing that animals can blend it so much with the environment. Very Cool!!

  4. I only thought that animals would use camouflage as a trigger for hiding. This looks like a very interesting topic. You could also use an animal with camouflage verse an animal without and see the actual difference that the camouflage helps an organism.

  5. This topic is of particular interest to me as the military has developed camoflauge patterns based on animal camoflauge studies. Great topic choice!

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