Green Future

Alternative energy sources are the future. As people begin to understand the harmful effect of pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels, and the rapid depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, people are turning to energy sources that are both environmentally friendly and easily replenishable. A few of these alternative energy sources includes solar energy, wind energy, bio-gas energy and geothermal energy. Solar energy consists of solar panels that are used to collect sunlight that is converted into electricity. Wind energy is produced by giant turbines that are spun when the wind blows. The turbines transfer the wind energy to a generator which converts it into usable energy. Bio-gas energy is the production of energy through the anaerobic degradation of organic matter, which emits gasses that are used for electricity and as fuel. Geothermal energy, is the capturing of steam found in the Earth’s crust, to power generators that produce electricity. These few different types of renewable energy sources are key factors in man kinds journey to take care of the planet.


3 thoughts on “Green Future

  1. Ever since my junior year of high school my chemistry teacher would talk about our green future, and at the time the only thing green my family and I would do is recycle, and reduce the number of appliances we used like turning off the lights that were not in use. At the time I thought that was the only way to make way towards a green living environment, but after watching the documentary, and reading your presentation, I would not say the possibilities are endless, but I think we have options that we have only scratched the surface on.

  2. In your presentation in did state that trying to go green would cost lots of money. Yes this is true and a bit unfair. They should make products like the panels and other energy saving products less costly so that more and more people can join in and as a whole improve our earth. We keep up the way we are going there will not be much of earth left.

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