Gmo: Our Future or Failure

Genetically modified organism also known as “GMO” are living organisms whose genetic makeup has been altered using engineered techniques to produce products with resistant genes. This processes is done by splicing the DNA structure of an organism and replacing the new resistant strands of DNA. This allows plants to have resistance to bugs, frost, viruses and herbicides tolerant. My paper will show how these GMOs are having a major impact on our environment. My hypotheses are 1) Genetically modified organisms yields are higher than organic grown.  2) Genetically modified organisms generate cancerous health effect to animals. 3) Genetically modified organisms tolerance to herbicides correlates with the cross-pollination of super weeds. 4) Genetically modified organisms reduce the amount of deforestation, fertilizer and water use compared to conventional organic farming. There are four major crops that have been genetically modified they are corn, soybean, cotton, and canola. Currently 75% of food currently produced in United States and Canada our GMO foods. A study shows that in rats that ate GMO food developed cancerous tumors and viruses. And due to the resistance the genes have of herbicides we are now seeing through cross-pollination super weeds. The world currently uses 40% of it land mass for agricultural purposes and agriculture is the leading cause for deforestation.  These studies and statistics will show insight to the effect and impact GMOs have on our environment.


5 thoughts on “Gmo: Our Future or Failure

  1. I am very against GMO’s, even though they in fact increase our food growth they are also very harmful to our society. I am also writing a paper about GMO’s in one of my other classes. Really good topic and many people have different views when it comes to GMO’s rather than organically grown products.

  2. Its crazy that GMO’s are still allowed in the U.S; most countries have already outlawed them. With all the negative effects, you think that it would be more simple to ban.

  3. This will be interesting to see if GMO’s are most useful than they are considered harmful. The impact on the environment will be key.

  4. This will be interesting to see if GMO’s are most useful than they are considered harmful. The impact on the environment will be key.

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