Cognition of plants

Cognition is the mental process of perception,memory, and judgement. Though it seems far-fetched that a plant would be aware in that sort. Plants do things characteristic of smelling, hearing, and also sharing resources in a complex network. One plant in particular show cognizance in the form of memory. The mimosa plant closes when touched but scientific researched proved in testing the plant dropping from a certain distance a numerous amount of times eventually the plant stopped closing. Some would say it remembered that there was no danger.

Plants do not have brains therefore they can not actually think. Being immobile they are often attacked. So plants ability to react to their environment , interact with one another, and work in groups shows that there is cognizance at work.

A plants smelling ability is shown when a fruit ripens it releases a chemical called ethylene. When the first fruit ripens the others “smell” this chemical and “know” that it is time to ripen as well.

Trees work in a network. Underground there is a network of roots exchanging water and nutrients with one another. Taller trees give to the smaller shaded trees in the network. During the winter months the evergreen trees keep the others alive by supplementing. During the summer months the trees reciprocate in a sense.


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  1. This is such an interesting topic! I think adding in experiments that have been conducted on certain plants to your paper will help a lot. Good Luck!

  2. I love this topic, I’d be interested to see what type of research you will find to be into your paper. I wonder how extensive the research is on the way they are able to work in this type of way.

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