Climate Change Throughout the World

In my paper I will be talking about climate change, how it is caused, and how it is effecting the ecosystem and all the living organisms that live within it. It is obvious that climate change is happening everywhere around the world like with the melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers, and the general heating of our entire planet. But many people do not know what the actual causes of climate change are, and how damaging climate change can be. The causes that people notice would be those of like the depletion of the ozone layer and another would be the greenhouse effect. One cause of climate change that most people do not realize is that of mass migration. When people move to different areas usually from places that create less of an ecological footprint to areas that create higher ecological footprints the people themselves start to change in order to better fit in with their environment. Which could mean things like starting to drive cars and using more resources than they previously had, and with this increase in the use of resources in these areas, theses places have noticed slight increases in their climate. Not only does the migration of people affect the climate, the changes in climate is also a factor that causes people to migrate. If nothing is done to help stop or at least control the problem that is climate change it will slowly destroy our planet and the organisms that inhabit it.


Policy and Issue Brief

NASA: Causes of Global Climate Change

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  1. Time and the actions that take place within it seem sometimes go unnoticed till a problem arises. This world we live has constant ripple effects that most never realize until it reaches there backyard. We need to continue to keep a close eye on mother earth.

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