Air Pollution at Home and Worldwide

Air Pollution has become an increasingly dangerous problem in the United States and around the world. Especially since so many things influence the amount of pollution we are putting into our air. We drive cars around every day, as well as run our factories every day all day long. Not to mention the home products that we use daily in each of our lives. These things have made a huge impact in our lives and not in a good way. Our cities are covered with smog and our lungs are filled with debris. People in some parts of the globe are being forced to wear face masks just to walk outside and be able to breathe safely. The chemicals that we release into our environment degrade our ozone layer and further global warming. The problem that we are facing with air pollution will not be an easy overnight fix, as the problem was not an overnight problem. This will take us years to remedy and we are going to be handing down an impossible problem to fix to our children, if we do not do something to try to fix the problem now while we still have the ability to do so.


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  1. Good idea, contrasting air pollution near us and in other areas of the world. Are the types of pollutants different in developed and developing nations?

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