I will be discussing the different types of biomes we have in our state. I will be in-depth talking about what we live in and or near. I plan to have large portions of my project focusing on one of these at a time and then beginning to show how they are similar and different. For each I will provide details on overall climate, a snippet of animals and other organisms  I am hoping to inform people of what they live in and what they live in. Seasonal changes we have and how they affect the environment. I will talk about what types we live in and where else in the world they are also located so that we can get a view of what other countries around the world actually live in the same climate and/or area that we do. I hope that after the presentation and the research paper that those involved will be more inclined to know what type of biome they live in and how it will affect them. As people move from our area, they will know what they are leaving and have a way of knowing a little bit about what they may be going into. If they get enough interest, maybe they can even do a little research as well to learn about other biomes around the world.


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  1. I would enjoy reading about Biomes, if only because I think my comprehension is minimal. Nice power point, too. I’m intrigued as to how this will all come together. Do you think that the topic is too broad, though? Four to five pages, and double-spaced, isn’t a lot of room to do what your abstract says its going to do. Sorry, I think I’m still in “English tutor mode.”

  2. It is quite interesting learning about the different biomes and the effects on plant life and whatnot. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

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