Acid Rain: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

My report will cover the effects of acid rain on the environment, its historical impacts, the causes, and how to recover and prevent it. The history will cover when scientists first discovered and coined acid rain, and when scientists first began to perceive it as a problem. The major causes will be discussed, such as the oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Point sources and nonpoint sources and the impacts they have had on acidification of lakes and streams. Natural sources will also be touched upon. Environmental issues, such as the acidification of lakes and streams, eutrophication, and air pollution, along with the major problems they caused, will be discussed. Human health issues and the programs the EPA introduced to reduce acid rain with other prevention mechanics will be covered. Overall, it will judge the impact acid rain has had and its current effects on humans and the environment.


9 thoughts on “Acid Rain: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

  1. This is a interesting topic, i think the history on this topic would interesting to read about also it is sad that acid rain has had such a impact on humans and the environment.

  2. I think you’ve chosen a topic that not many people perceive as a problem, and it will be interesting to discover how it impacts the environment and its causes. I hope to learn where acid rain occurs as well, as I could not tell you of any state in the US without “googling” it first. I can’t wait to read it (assuming, of course, we get to read them).

  3. Acid Rain has always interested me. I think that this topic will show the potential dangers of acid rain on the environment and the impact it has on ecosystems. You made a good choice because more people need to know about the impact of acid rain.

  4. Acid rain will be interesting to see the effects it has on humans and the animals in the lakes and streams. I’m also interested to see how this problem came about in the first place and how they discovered it.

  5. As a prevailing issue, it was nice to see this addressed. A very good job really pinpointing key factors for it. Nice work, well done.

  6. I have always been curious about acid rain and how much it affects us and our environment. Very interesting topic.

  7. Acidification surely is a hazardous effect from air pollution. This will be an eye opener. Well done!

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