Tundra Biome

The Tundra is one of the major biomes located on the earth. The Tundra is located near the North Pole and covers over twenty percent of the earth’s surface. Also, it can be found in the northern part of North America. The Tundra has cold, harsh climate conditions which average between 40°F to 55°F. Over the cold winters, the Tundra gets between six to ten inches of snow. Since it’s so cold there, the soil freezes with a layer of frost covering the soil which is known as permafrost. Permafrost causes the soil to have low nutrients and minerals and making the soil very poor. But however, there are some plants that grow in the Tundra. Some of them are arctic moss, bearberry scrubs, and pasque flowers. Different plants have different adaptions that they need to survive in the Tundra. Some plants grow low to the ground to protect them from the cold, harsh weather. Some plants grow in groups, absorb a large amount of sunlight at one time, or are poisonous to keep predators away. There are many different types of animals that are found in the Tundra as well. Some of them are the artic fox, grey wolf, caribou, and polar bear. These animals have fur that covers their whole body to keep them warm in the cold weather. Also, some animals have camouflage fur to blend in with the environment around them. These animals have to adapt to eat almost everything they can find. Each animal has different adaptions that apply to their body type such as blubber, large hooves, and thick fur.

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  1. Is the tundra biome and plant life affected by climate change? Are their in recent years plant life growing that shouldn’t be? How are these animals adapting to climate change, lower weight, creating hybrids etc?

  2. You might look into or mention the role of permafrost as a carbon sink, if you choose to go into more detail about climate change and its effects. Nicely done.

  3. Your presentation was very clear and it helped me learn facts about the tundra that I was unaware of. Nice job!

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