Tropical Rainforest Presentation

The tropical rain forest contains the richest ecosystems on land.  With 140 to 450 cm rain a year, the tropical rain forest has not only a large amount of rain, but it also has very high temperatures.  As a result of the excessive rainfall and the high temperatures, the humidity in rainforests is very high as well.    With the majority of rainforests being located near the equator.  Another factor of the rainforest is the layers contained within the forest.  The most commonly known and referred to is the canopy layer, and the forest floor.  There are many different species located within the tropical rain forests, along with many undiscovered organisms.  Some of the more common well-known species are different monkeys, parrots, jaguars, very large amount of insects, along with amphibians such as poisonous frogs.  Although there are many well-known species, the amount of organisms that we have not yet discovered is even more shocking.   One problem that the rainforest ecosystem faces is deforestation and habitat loss, caused by us humans.  Efforts to raise awareness and stop deforestation are underway, yet with such a high demand for rainforest food sources, such as bananas there continues to be pressure on the forests.  With a better understanding of the effect that us humans have on the diverse, rich rainforests, our conservation efforts will be improved as well.


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