The Truth About Sea Turtles

Unbeknownst to any who may not have studied science, more than 99% of the species that have ever existed in this world are extinct. Lucky for us, there are clusters of organisms that have been able to stick it out for a few years, one of them being sea turtles. Seven species of sea turtles exist today: Green, Hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley, Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Flatback, and Loggerhead. All seven species are listed as critically endangered, and only over the course of a few hundred years. A major theme of conservation biology is the destruction of planet Earth by humans’ ignorance and carelessness. Since the industrial revolution, the species known as Homo sapiens sapiens, modern-day human, has wreaked havoc on the many species, sea turtles included. We release pollution into the environment because so many are uneducated about the effects. We kill off organisms faster than they can reproduce. We are slowly stepping towards a mass extinction. Sea turtles are a tenacious bunch, fighting against not only the forces of nature and its natural predators, but man-made predation, but they can only withstand so much before they are extinct. The only ones who can stop this from happening are the ones who started it.

Collage made by Rebecca Ferchaw with pictures collected on Google Images
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13 thoughts on “The Truth About Sea Turtles

  1. I love any marine animal and this breaks my heart. It’s bad enough that they have to endure natural predators in the sea but the fact that humans are taking a huge part in their extinction is just pitiful.

  2. I love the marine animals, I’m really big on conserving our planet for them. You abstract was resourceful, as we do indeed have animals going extinct. Does this have a direct effect from the depletion of the ozone, global warming or are the natural gases just combining with these to create a changing climate for the planet? It’s so sad that humans have gained pleasure in destroying not just turtles, any animals. Tigers for their pelts, elephants for their tusk, sharks, deer at night.the museums have it right we are our own worst enemy, we are the demise of the chain.

    • From what I’ve learned in my research on global warming and conservation is that global warming is almost completely human caused, from air and water pollution, and just general carelessness from humans over the centuries since the industrial revolution. I actually went into a lot more detail on that in my paper haha. But essentially it’s not from natural gases since many organisms did better with those before we came along and started killing the atmosphere. It’s really heartbreaking that so many people have NO clue what effect we have on such beautiful creatures.

    • I got really confused because I forgot there is another Rebecca in our class and I was like when did i type that??! But thanks!

  3. I think sea turtles are so cute. I loved the ones in “Finding Nemo.” They have a really neat sea turtle thing at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Its a little room where you can look in at them as the workers are nursing them back to health. They had the cutest little babies there on my last visit.

  4. Great topic! It is such a shame that people are so caught up in their little bubble that they can’t open their eyes to the world around them 🙁

  5. I love sea turtles, well turtles in generally. I hate seeing them get caught or killed for finer things. These creatures are so beautiful and are a big impact on life! Humans should think more about the things their doing because all they’re doing is hurting planet earth.

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