Orcinus orca

My research paper is going to be about the killer whale, also known as Orcinus orca.  In my research paper I will be covering the a few topics, such as what makes them killer whales such as unique features and unique behaviors. Also I will be comparing them to other whales to see what makes them different.  I will also be looking into the type of environment they live in, and whether or not they are in danger of going extinct.  If they are in danger I will be looking into if their environment has anything to do with that fact, and the steps being taken to help protect this species of whales. I chose this species of whale because they have anyways fascinated me, and I think they are the most unusual looking species of whales. The media I chose was a picture of a Orcinus orca to show its unique appearance that makes them more identifiable than most other whales.  They are black all over with a white underside and white patches near their eyes. I also chose this picture because it shows that they are highly social animals that are usually found it groups that range in size from 2-15 whales.



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  1. I love whale and many marine animals, I think I cry more for our animals than humans. There is another person doing orcas, but I love gaining different knowledge from different people.

  2. I am doing my paper on whales also these animals fascinate me. They are the masters of the ocean and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

  3. This is a very cool topic. Did you know that killer whales will purposefully beach themselves if necessary while in pursuit of prey? Unlike most whale species, they can also unbeach themselves if they get into that situation.

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