Ocean Diversity

The world has 5 oceans. Theses oceans cover the majority of our planet. To be exact, the ocean waters cover seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface. Within these oceans, there are millions of diverse species. Although they are all in the ocean biome, there are many different places in the ocean for these species to take up habitat. The ocean reefs are known as hotspots of ocean life. Not only are the reefs a species of their own, but they provide habitat to numerous other life forms as well. Scientists have conferred that only a third of the oceans species have been discovered. This leaves two-thirds of the ocean’s species yet to be discovered. The ocean has very extreme environmental conditions. Extreme depths, cold temperatures, and intense pressure have made exploring all regions of the ocean nearly impossible. Recently, however, advantages in modern technology, such as submarines and cameras, have made discovering more species a more realistic goal. In my paper I will discuss some of the diverse species we have already discovered, some relationships between certain species, their habitat, and how much we know about them. I will also touch on why we know so much about some species and then little to nothing about others.


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  1. I have always loved that topic. It is crazy how many species there are and it’s kind of scary that there is so much we don’t know yet.

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