Frog World!

When thinking of frogs people some people can’t stand them and others love them. I would say that I find frogs very interesting and it’s always good to learn more and more about the different species. In my slide show I’m giving a brief overview about frogs and how their classified. Also mentioned what they look like when their first starting in the life cycle. I’m speaking about this information to give a better outlook on the race of frogs and how big of an impact they are in the world. Frogs are found all over places in the world. In the slide it talks about frogs being by water and a matter of fact frogs need to live nearby water. The skin on a frog is smooth and moist that makes them look slimy and have many predators. When a tadpole is born it’s in their best advantage that they are fast because living in the water there are other predators that would love to eat them. The female frog will lay over thousands of eggs that are waiting to develop and hatch into little tadpoles. All frogs are different some take longer than others to develop into an adult. I take a big interest in the poison dart frog which the rain forest has plenty of them. The poison dart frog bright body and black spots on its back is a self-warning to predators and also prevent them from being eaten. The poison dart has enough poison to kill ten humans. So I think it’s safe to say don’t underestimate the little guy because this frog can do a lot of damage.


4 thoughts on “Frog World!

  1. I saw the frog exhibit at the “Great Lakes Science Center” a few years ago. I was amazed at some of the bright colors that some of them posses. I was also fascinated by how many of them are poisonous.

  2. Darlinda, great job! I think it is very cool that frogs use a bad tasting gel to coat their eggs and deter predators. The blue frog on the last slide looks awesome! It would be interesting to know what kinds of frogs can have these awesome colors.

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