Diversity of Sharks in Coral Reefs

Sharks have been an apex predator in the oceans for thousands of years, and over that time the number of species has risen and fallen, but still retains a large number of variations between species. This research focuses on the diversity among shark breeds. A specific focus is upon sharks living in coral reefs, as the high levels of biodiversity in a reef habitat is conducive for large numbers of shark breeds. The goal of this paper is to express the diversity of sharks and what environmental changes lead to the variations seen today in species around the world such as the hammerhead (Sphyrna), sawshark (Pristiophoriformes), thresher shark (Alopiidae) and other species. The image used was created by the Florida Museum of Natural History.



12 thoughts on “Diversity of Sharks in Coral Reefs

  1. It’s interesting that you chose to look at a specific habitat and the shark diversity there, instead of using a taxonomic approach. Good thinking.

  2. Besides being terrified of sharks, I think you’ve chosen a very specific and interesting topic to research. I think people forget that sharks are just as affected by ecosystem disruptions as any other aquatic species, and it will be interesting to see specifics concerning these swimming nightmares.

  3. Sharks are perhaps the most interesting oceanic creatures. You did very good in explaining the diversity of sharks. I’m sure many people can relate to this topic, because most of them watch shark week on the discovery channel as its very popular.

  4. I am extremely excited to look into this paper, I love animals and love gaining more knowledge on them. I can’t wait to see what facts you have.

  5. I really like the interesting details you gave about sharks. I’m not really into them but your writing about them has given me a better outlook on sharks.

  6. I’m a fan of sharks in a far away perspective, they are cool creatures, this topic is a good one, so good choice.

  7. Awesome topic, I’m slightly jealous that I did not think of doing this topic myself! Just a tip of information, I know that sharks feeding habits are different via their location, for example great whites only breach in certain area, might be useful for your paper. Keep up the good work!

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