Description for Pantera tigris tigris

In my research paper, I am going to be exploring Bengal Tigers, and their habitat. I will be describing their taxonomic group, and their behaviors. I will be explaining what makes them Bengal tigers, and what separates them from the other species of tigers, and what separates them from the everyday domestic house cat. The Bengal tiger is also on the verge of endangerment, so I will be discussing why and how they are at risk, and also list some ways that will help stop this from happening any further than it already has. In my research paper I will be going into great detail of what makes Bengal tiger’s mammals. Describing all the features of the Bengal tiger is also going to be very important to my research paper, for example I will describe some unifying features, and some very distinct features, along with others. In the video I posted it shows some Bengal tigers swimming, this is interesting because Bengal tigers are one of the few species of tigers that swim. They do not mind swimming because of their habitat and the fact that it is surrounded by water.

European Commission. (Videographer) (2008). Climate trackers: Bengal tiger [Theater]. Available from


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  1. I am in love with many animals, but the Bengal tiger is one of my favorites. Questions I have for you would be why are they endangered? Is it the poaching, climate changes or an unknown factor?

  2. This is a great topic because Bengal Tigers are such cool animals. I did not know that they are the only species of tigers that can swim or that their habitat is being destroyed by rising seas levels as a result of global warming. What I would like to know is if they could settle in a new habitat should the rising waters force them out of their own?

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