Climate Change: Ruining Ecosystems

I will be talking about how climate change effects certain ecosystems and what it does for the animals in that ecosystem. Some common ones are the melting of ice in the north making hard for polar bears to hunt because they have no place to rest and end up drowning. Another one is the coral being bleached due to the ozone being depleted making fish not be able to blend in and it is hard to replace coral reefs because it takes so long for them to grow unlike the north where if it gets colder the water just freezes. You also have the more frequent disasters with climate change that destroy the areas and animals homes. With the longer it goes on the worst it will get and may become irreversible. Climate change is caused by many things and global warming is a part of it. The things that cause global warming are the depleted ozone and greenhouse gases. The deleted ozone doesn’t stop as many UV rays as it should letting more in. Greenhouse gases work basically like if you leave your car windows up in the summer and the inside gets really hot. It lets the heat in but doesn’t let any out. Climate change doesn’t just mean the heating of the earth it also means dramatic weather changes like if we went from summer straight into winter with no fall or spring I the middle to slowly change the temperature. So with climate change the environment becomes affected and destroys ecosystems.



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  1. I personally can reach out on your topic, because my report is about the polar bears in the north. Your information is resourceful, it actually give me another point in how to fine toon my paper.

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