Odocoileus Virginianus White-Tailed Deer

The research that I am going to conduct will be on Odocoileus virginianus, commonly known as White-Tailed Deer. I chose to do my research on White-Tailed Deer because, ever since I was little my only passion has been hunting these animals, so this species is something I have a large interest in. The research will begin with the origin of the White-Tail Deer, and provided information on their ancestors, relatives and taxonomic group. A description of their traits, including their eye sight and incredible ability to hear and smell will be given. The research will also include information on behaviors and daily life of White-Tail Deer. This information will include insight on their feeding and travel habits along with their bedding habits. Included in the research will also be information pertaining to their mating periods, which is generally mid-November until early December. This information will include what effects when the mating season takes place and when White-Tail Deer are the most fit for reproduction. Within the research will be information on antlered, male deer. This information will include when growing and shed seasons are and also information on why antlers are dropped and grown every year, as well as information on the minerals and supplements that can increase or prohibit antler growth. Information on diversity of White-Tail Deer across the country, as well as population densities and why areas of the country have more White-Tail Deer than other areas will be included. Overall, if the research presented can give a good understanding of where these animals come from and how they live their daily life than the goal of the paper has been met.


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