The Potential Dangers of Vaccinations

There is a lot of debate on whether vaccines are safe for protecting all of us, as humans, from the danger of different disease-causing viruses.  One main concern is that it may be less beneficial to inject young infants with these viruses which they may or may not contract rather than take the chance of them acquiring that disease.  Some of the viruses we are attempting to keep ourselves safe from have an extremely slim chance of infecting our bodies.  Also using vaccines can destroy our immune systems as adults, once we have infected ourselves with the virus our body will lose its ability to fight of any virus similar to the one we have used within our vaccines.  This leads me to explain how vaccines cannot protect us from virus evolution which may cause them to become more tolerant of the defenses our immune systems use to detect and attack them.  Vaccines could be doing us more harm than good by opening up our bodies to being potentially helpless against the viruses we are trying to stop.   Some may say that vaccinating ourselves by injecting the virus that we are trying to prevent can increase our chances of suffering through the effects of the disease should we have a bad reaction.  Lastly, we could be funding something that is possibly harming more individuals than we are saving.  With all of these in mind it may be possible for one to see how vaccines could potentially cause more danger and more controversy than any of us are prepared for.



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