Rabbits are a common animal we see all over. But the rabbits you see running out side are very different from the ones you may have as a pet. A wild rabbit is referred to as a white cotton-tailed rabbit. The domesticated rabbits kept as pets have many different names. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes close to forty-seven different breeds. The domesticated rabbits can be used for many different purposes. It can be used for showing in American Rabbit Breeder Association shows as well as 4-H, Pets, meat, and fur. All of these purposes are used in the United States and well as the state we live in. Besides the differences that these two different rabbits are used for, they both live very different lives. They are different because of the habitats the live in, the foods they eat, along with many other topics including breeding. Wild rabbits breed all year round because they adjust well to climates. They also build their nests underground in burrows. Domesticated rabbits breed mostly during the warmer months. They build their nests inside of nesting boxes that the human breeder puts in their cages. The wild rabbits and domesticated rabbits are very different and similar in many ways.


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  1. Are the wild rabbits and domesticated rabbits closely related species, or did domesticated rabbits evolve from a different species of rabbit than the white cotton-tail?

  2. Very good presentation. I heard that wild rabbits can breed with domestic rabbits in that case what would the babies be used for when they got older would they be able to be used for show.

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