The topic I have chosen for my project is horses. Their scientific name is Equus ferus caballus. In my presentation I talk about the history of the horse such as their ancestors, how they have evolved over millions of years, and when humans domesticated them. I describe the kinds of horses (warm/cold/hot bloods) and the ten most popular breeds. I state information about horse herds, what events we use horses for, and what horses at different ages and genders are called. I also tell all the colors that horses can be sound in. I make it a little more personal by not only talking about an animal that I love but also by using pictures of my own horse, Logan, on the first and last slides.


8 thoughts on “Horses

  1. I had no idea their were warm, cold, and hot blooded horses! I loved that you put pictures of your own horse in your presentation. Nice job!

  2. Make sure that you clarify the definition of “cold blood” with respect to horses. As mammals, all horse breeds will be warm-blooded/endothermic by biological definitions because they maintain their internal temperature, unlike amphibians, fish, and reptiles.

  3. I love animals and it was awesome learning about horses. Had no idea that horses could be warm blooded, cold blooded, or hot blooded.

    • It doesn’t really mean their blood is literally “hot, warm, or cold.” It refers back to their temperament. Hot bloods are very hyper and usually more difficult to handle. Cold bloods are the more laid back, calm, strong horses. Warm bloods are right in the middle.

  4. Very well done April. I was shocked to see that Clydesdale’s were not one of the top 10 most popular horses but I did learn some new breeds that I have never heard of. I also did not know that horses can be classified by blood type. Very cool, well done!

  5. I love horses and I never knew there were so many breeds is that just domestic breeds or it that wild breeds to. My favorite horse is the pinto their markings are amazing

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