Endangering the Endangered

Polar bears are the beloved mammals of the north. As we have seen through recent years is that there has been a drastic decline in this particular mammal. Global warming is the prime suspect in this decline; many environmental researchers have blamed global warming in the decline in the polar bears. Some have verbalized their concerns and others create ways to conserve and protect. The World Wildlife Foundation has joined forces with Coca-Cola to help protect these precious animals, zoos sell bracelets that a portion gets donated, and green technology has come forth. Many people lack the knowledge or they just flat-out don’t care.

Is global warming the direct cause in the decline of the polar bear population? Are these declining factors reasons that polar bears are creating “hybrids” like the mix of the grizzly and polar bear, are their bodies telling them under great stress to create something that will with stand the heat yet can adapt to the cold. Is the environment just changing like it always does? I plan to answer all of these questions and more, because how would I feel if my child, my home, and my food, were taken away by someone else’s hand. Also, I want to bring light in ways for other people to help, including myself.


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