Endangered Species: Slowly Fading

Endangered species are animals that are extremely close to dying off and having nothing left of their race.  There are four major details that play a role in pushing animals into extinction are habitat loss, hunting, climate change and disease.  Habitat loss is the biggest factor in losing animals and any living thing because humans cut down or destroy their homes thus killing the animal, taking away their shelter and making them travel for their foods since their prey is gone or destroyed from taking the habitat.  Hunting these endangered species for the fur or other special qualities is done because the animal has become rare, therefore; the dollar amount of the items given from the animal sky-rocket.  Climate change is a problem that humans have the least amount of control towards and have destroyed the biomes or these animals.  With this problem the animal’s area of living is declining and so is the ability to live in this change in temperature.  Disease is both uncontrollable and at fault by humans because of pollution and garage destruction.  With the animals eating bottle caps, lighters and other items that cannot be digested by human  laziness but disease within the animal race is hard to kill off because the animals live in very close range of each other and eat the same items causing spreading to be very easy.  Needless to say, us as a team need to change our ways and perform better for the animals who we gave no choice too.


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