Diversity of Dogs

Dogs have been domesticated for millions of years. Dogs are used for many things such as herding, hunting, and just for companionship. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and there are at least 170 official dog breeds. Dogs are said to be ancestors of the wolves, because of how similar they are. Dogs are all tied together genetically. Genetics determines their breed, size, and health. Genetics also determines their “job”, for example if they are a water dog or a herding dog. What I wish to find out from this research is all about genetics and diversity of dogs, and what makes them different from one another. I want to find out what makes each dog breed similar, even though they look different.  I want to find out about how closely related dogs are to wolves, and what makes them so similar.

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3 thoughts on “Diversity of Dogs

  1. We learned in bio foundations about the genetic mutations that affect things like fur color. It’s really cool to see how you can find differences on the molecular level.

  2. Are dogs the ancestors of wolves, or did they and wolves descend from a common ancestor? Very interesting topic, and the genetics of dog breeds should have plenty of good information for you.

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