Clean Water

In class we were told to write a summary on what our final research paper would be about, I chose to write about clean water. In this paper you will read about the way polluted water can cause illness and even lead to fatality. Often we talk about how water bottles are killing people and how unpurified well water can be gross or have two much iron. I only wish people knew and understood how horrible it is to witness the situations people face who don’t have the luxury of clean, non-polluted water, like we have. As you will later read in my final paper, I have traveled to many places around the world, and I have witnessed firsthand what it is like to see people who are less fortunate when it comes to clean water. Later, in my final paper, I will discuss the importance of clean healthy non-polluted water. When someone mentions water, we often think of drinking water only, forgetting how much we use water in cooking, drinking, showering, and so much more. We as Americans frequently talk about how we need to use less plastic bottles, while people around the world wish their water was as clean as some of our unpurified water. I will also be discussing how we tend to take advantage of the clean water resources we have, while others around the world suffer every day, struggling to find clean water to give to their babies, and wondering how they will make it through the next 24 hours.  It makes you realize how good we really have it here in the States.



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  1. Good job. As well as we do have it in the US, we aren’t funding our water infrastructure nearly at what it should be. What could be the implications of that, do you think?

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