Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe?

It is important for us to recognize what is being put into our foods. It is what fuels our bodies and keeps us alive. There is no need to put chemicals or pesticides into our bodies. They are dangerous and can cause medical problems. GMO’s are popular because they can help with defense against insects and produce a larger yield of crops. Some believe that this can help solve the world hunger problem by providing an abundance of food to developing nations. Although it seems like this addition is helpful, it comes with many negative side effects. A huge issue is that the FDA does not require safety checks or labeling of products to disclose to the consumer that there are GMO’s present in the ingredients. Some of the side effects include increased food allergy reactions, cancer, infertility, viral and bacterial illnesses, toxins, birth defects, shorter life spans, and death. The studies on GMO’s and their long-term affects are very limited and unknown. No one is being held accountable for the dangers that come along with GMO’s. Many consumers would not buy GMO products if they were labeled so. If GMO’s are considered safe and healthy, then why are companies against labeling products and letting the consumer decide what they want?


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